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Experience our best picture yet with ultra-premium SAMSUNG QN85QN900BF 85 Inch Neo 8K UHD QLED HDR Smart TV - QN85QN900BFXZA. Discover a world of vivid colors and details in the deep dark blacks and light bright whites, all from a vast grid of precision Mini LEDs. And with its edge-to-edge Infinity Screen, it’s easy to dive into this breathtaking 8K picture.

Infinity Screen with Slim One Connect
Escape into the nearly edge-to-edge screen. Virtually no boundaries. No distractions. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K features the expansive Infinity Screen. With a near-invisible bezel and an ultra- thin frame, your viewing experience is pushed to the outer limits. Go even more minimal with the Attachable Slim One Connect, a discreet box that keeps your cables out of sight. Tuck it behind the TV or place it to the side and immerse yourself in the beautiful view, free and clear.

Quantum Matrix Pro with Mini LEDs
Experience out-of-this-world detail on a screen made brilliant by a universe of tiny lights. With Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, a staggering grid of Samsung’s revolutionary Quantum Mini LEDs, each the size of a grain of sand, unleashes a billion shades of color with ultra-fine precision for intense contrast. And with up to 14-bit processing, HDR is taken to the next level.

Neural Quantum Processor 8K
For all you watch, experience AI- powered 8K. Behind the scenes, the ultra-high performance Neural Quantum Processor 8K, uses 20 distinct neural networks, each with its own expertise, to automatically upscale your specific content to 8K, and refine your Smart Hub controls and Dolby Atmos sound. Whatever the source, 8K AI upscales to enhance your contrast, adjust lighting and map colors the way people see them—all to bring you a new level of reality.*
*Utilizes AI-Based formulas to upscale to 8K Resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.

Quantum HDR 64X | 48x*
Indulge your senses in the extreme brilliance of lifelike colors across the full spectrum. Quantum HDR 64X technology sets the bar with an extraordinary range of contrast that brings intensely accurate colors and rich details to the latest generation of movies and shows you love in High Dynamic Range. See all the subtle nuances with HDR+ that maps the tones and shifts the color and contrast scene by scene. So realistic in its vibrance, every image will make you pause and admire the view.*
* 65" has Quantum HDR 48x

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Pro
Be enveloped by the spectacular cinematic surround sound of Dolby Atmos built right in. From the strategically placed speakers behind the screen, hear the rain from above and the explosion from beyond to even feel like you’re inside the sound. Combined with up-firing speakers, this immersive technology pumps sound upwards in your home theater to bring you a new level of depth and clarity for the ultimate lifelike experience.

Real 8K Resolution with AI Upscaling
Marvel at the details within the details from 8K and the precision of 33 million pixels. The ultra-powerful processor plays your 8K content at its full potential. And for everything else, AI upscaling analyzes your content to boost your picture to 8K clarity—no matter how it was created. Essential for large screens with the pixels further apart, 8K has the brilliance to bring you jaw-dropping depth and realism. And it’s 4x sharper than 4K. Once you experience it, you’ll never look back. *
*Utilizes AI-Based formulas to upscale to 8K Resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.

Smart Calibration Pro*
Enjoy your screen the way the director intended—in a couple of clicks. With Smart Calibration Pro, you have professional-quality screen calibration at your fingertips. To give you favorite movies and shows an upgrade, simply enhance your screen with an all-in-one image optimization solution, right from your smartphone. You’ll enjoy all your content calibrated to cinematic quality with the ideal color temperature, exposure, contrast and tones in only 7 to 12 minutes.
*Requires Galaxy S21 and XYZ app available at Google Play Store

Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle
Watch everything you love with nearly no reflections and no distractions. Now your entertainment can look as good in the morning as it does at night with the lights on. Anti-Reflection technology limits light distraction on your screen by reducing the effects of glare. Say goodbye to washed out images and see your TV's clarity, color and contrast shine through.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro
Hold onto your seats—your high-speed games, movies and sports approach peak performance with 4K up to 120Hz. With higher refresh rates and virtually no lag, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro takes your fast-paced content the next level. Next-gen gaming capabilities like up to 144Hzs for PCS, Game Motion Plus, HDMI 2.1 and MEMC bring you the blazing-fast speeds and super smooth visuals that will change how you watch and play— amping up the thrills and racking up your wins.

100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot*
Bask in a billion shades of brilliant color at 100% Color Volume. Together, Quantum Dot and Mini LEDs bring you a gorgeous picture by transforming light into lifelike color that always stays true. That means even as the scene gets brighter, the details stay bold. *
*QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.

  • TV WITHOUT STAND: 73.9 x 42.2 x 0.7
  • TV WITH STAND: 73.9 x 45.1 x 13.4
  • SHIPPING: 82.6 x 49.3 x 8.7
  • STAND FOOTPRINT: 14.2 x 11.4 x 13.4
  • TV WITH STAND: 120.8
  • SHIPPING: 156.7
  • VESA SUPPORT: Yes (600 x 400)
  • ONE CONNECT CABLES (0.3m, 2.5m in length)