SONY WI1000XN Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Hear nothing but your music wherever you go. SONY WI1000XN Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones have industry-leading Digital Noise Cancellation that adapts to altitude ideal for flying. The Smart Listening feature that can detect your activity and adjust the sound appropriately, and you can even optimize your audio experience different listening environments, including outdoor stages, clubs, halls and arenas.


  • Industry-leading Digital Noise Cancellation
    Industry-leading noise cancellation means you’ll hear more of your music than ever, without distractions.


  • Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts to your surroundings and activities
    Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically detects your activity, whether you’re travelling in an airport, walking on a crowded street, or sitting in a quiet area — then balances the noise cancelling levels accordingly. You can customize them to your preferences with the Sony I Headphones Connect APP.


  • Ambient Sound Mode
    Adjust Ambient Sound with the Sony | Headphones Connect APP to hear essential sounds when you’re listening on the move.


  • Sony I Headphones Connect for Android and iOS
    Download the Sony I Headphones Connect on Android or iOS to use Smart Listening by Smart Auto-settings, control your ambient sound settings and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.


  • Hi-Res Audio
    Hear music that stays true to the original recording with Hi-Res Audio. Optimized for Hi-Res Audio, S-Master HX™ reduces distortion and allows you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music.


  • Your Google Assistant, built-in
    With the Google Assistant built-in update, a simple touch of a button is all it takes to stay up-to-date on your notifications, check the time, and more. Quickly press and hold the button for even easier and faster access to your Google Assistant than ever. Ask about the weather, your schedule, or anything you’d use Google for.


  • Control your Voice Assistant
    Activate your phones voice assistant with a simple touch of a button.


  • Noise Cancelling Optimizer
    Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing delivers optimal sound at high altitude, so you can enjoy noise cancelling at its best when you’re on an airplane.


  • SENSE ENGINE™ tailor the sound to you
    SENSE ENGINE™ gives you the power to tune in and out of your music at a touch.


  • Virtual surround sound
    Immerse yourself in sound wherever you are with Sony | Headphones Connect APP. Experience audio optimized for different listening environments including outdoor stages, clubs, halls and arenas.


  • Control your sound preferences with the Equalizer.
    Find your perfect sound tone for every song from the presets, easily customizable to your preference with the Sony | Headphones Connect APP.


  • Sound Position Control
    Choose the direction you want the sound to come from, just as you can with a wireless speaker with Sony | Headphones Connect APP.


  • Restore all your compressed files by DSEE HXTM
    By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HXTM produces your digital music files in richer, clearer sound.


  • Wireless streaming at its best
    LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth® wireless audio, which allows you to enjoy your music in exceptional sound quality – close to Hi-Res Audio.


  • Hands-free calling with vibration notification
    Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling and vibrating notification alerts from vibration notification. Leave your phone where it is without missing anything important – just speak with a click.


  • Smart Cable management
    Keep your cable neatly out of the way in the slim, zip-style holder.


  • Carry pouch
    Pack and keep your headphones safe to carry around all day.


  • Airplane adapter plug
    Just plug the cable into the airplane adapter plug for in-flight listening.


  • Wired for High-Resolution listening
    Use the supplied cable for uninterrupted truly Hi-Res Audio and noise cancelling for up to 14 hours.
  • Bluetooth® Technology: Version 4.1
  • Effective Range: Line of sight approx.30ft (10m)
  • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz band(2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz)
  • Frequency Range(A2DP): 20Hz - 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling) / 20Hz - 40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz Sampling, 990kbps)
  • Interface: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Modulation Method: FHSS
  • NFC: Yes
  • Power Output: Bluetooth Specification Power Class 2
  • Supported Audio Format(s): SBC, AAC, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD
  • Supported Content Protection: SCMS-T
General Features (Headphone)
  • Cable Type: Single-sided (detachable)
  • CableLength: approx. 1m
  • Driver Unit: Hybrid
  • Frequency Response: 3 Hz - 40,000 Hz (JEITA)
  • Headphone Type: Closed,Hybrid
  • Impedance: 22 ohm(1kHz)(when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on), 24 ohm(1kHz)(when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
  • Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini
  • Sensitivity: 101dB/mW (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on), 97dB/mW (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
  • Wearing Style: Behind-the-neck
  • Weights (Approx.) *excl.cable erights: 71 g (main unit approx. 61 g)
General Features(Active Headphones)
  • Batteries: DC3.7V : Built-in litium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery Charge Method: USB
  • Battery Charge Time: Approx. 3.5 hours (This unit can be used for 70 minutes after 15 minutes charging.)
  • Battery Indicator (charge indication): Red LED
  • Battery Indicator (working indication): Blue LED, Red LED, Green LED, Yellow LED
  • Battery Life(Waiting Time): Max. 17 hours (NC ON), Max. 100 hours(NC OFF)
  • Battery Life(continuous communication time): Max. 10 hours (NC ON), Max. 12 hours (NC OFF)
  • Battery Life(continuous music playback time): Max. 10 hours (NC ON), Max. 13 hours (NC OFF)
  • Frequency Response: 3 Hz- 40,000 Hz
  • Input(s): Micro USB
  • Passive Operation: Yes
  • Power Consumption: 1.5 W
  • Volume Control: Yes
General Features(Microphone)
  • Direction of Microphone: All Direction
  • Effective Frequency of Microphone: 50 Hz- 8,000 Hz
  • Unit of Microphone: Electret Condenser Microphone
Noise Canceling Features
  • AI NC: Yes
  • Noise Canceling ON/OFF Switch: Yes
In The Box
  • Carring Pouch
  • Plug Adaptor for In-flight Use
  • Connection Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Operating Instructions
  • Reference Guide(New)