Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer

Video & Audio Center is a nationally recognized and award-winning consumer electronics retailer with a reputation for incredible helpfulness and deep knowledge. That's because, since our start in 1981, Joseph Akhtarzad and his brother Mayer, have focused on one thing: making sure their customers are happy with all the electronics they purchase.

Video & Audio Center is an authorized dealer for all the brands we carry. On, you will find world-class video and audio products that have been handpicked by our in-house buyers. Video & Audio Center works with hundreds of brands to bring you the smart home & office solutions on the market.

Why should you purchase from an Authorized Internet Retailer?

Enjoy the peace of mind that the product's warranty will be honored

When you buy from an authorized internet retailer, you can rest assured that your purchase will be protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Some manufacturers will only honor a request for service under warranty if the item was purchased from an Authorized Retailer.

You'll know the products you buy were intended for the U.S. market

Certain "gray market" units can look the same as those intended to be sold in the U.S., but might not meet the same performance specifications. They're not likely to be UL listed, so they may be unsafe. They also may lack some of the accessories provided with U.S.-market units, and may be difficult or even impossible to repair.

You'll get the most up-to-date product information available

Most manufacturers provide authorized retailers with regular training for their sales and customer service departments on how to set up and use their products. Also, issues like product modifications and recalls are passed to authorized resellers first.