CITY OF LOS ANGELES awards Certificate of Recognition

to Video & Audio Center on its 41st Anniversary

Video & Audio Center just received special recognition from the City of Los Angeles signed by the Mayor and the entire City Council. It states on behalf of the City of Los Angeles, we would like to congratulate and celebrate Video & Audio Center on its 41st Anniversary. Under the leadership of its founders, Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad, Video & Audio Center has remained at the forefront of innovation in consumer electronics, technology, and custom integration and installation. Video & Audio Center's dedication to serving the residents of the City of Los Angeles was most recently displayed through the essential services provided to community members during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a "made in LA" success story, Video & Audio Center gave back to the community by providing technological support in a time when it mattered most. Internationally recognized as an industry launch pad for new technologies, Video & Audio Center seeks to continually improve the customer experience by researching and adopting innovative solutions. The City of Los Angeles congratulates Video & Audio Center for its spectacular accomplishments over the past 41 years, and we wish you continued success in all your future endeavors!