SAMSUNG QN43QN90CAF 43 Inch Neo 4K UHD QLED Smart TV - QN43QN90CAFXZA (2023)

MSRP: $1,499.99
(You save $402.00 )

Some TVs just have it. They make everything look good even hard stuff like 4K upscaling, weird viewing angles and daytime sports . Among the gifted their talents still shine bright. But when it’s SAMSUNG QN43QN90CAF 43 Inch Neo 4K UHD QLED Smart TV - QN43QN90CAFXZA (2023) we’re talking about, there’s no need to be jealous. Because thanks to its brilliant picture, dynamic audio and stellar design it’ll make you look good, too.

Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs
See just how brilliant every detail becomes on a screen that’s packed with over 30 million pixels. You’ll appreciate every freckle on your favorite actor’s face, in both the darkest and brightest scenes, thanks to the huge grid of Samsung’s ultra precise Quantum Mini LEDs that take control of the individual zones of light in your picture for next level color and contrast. You won’t just be watching TV you’ll be living it.

Neo Quantum HDR+
So surreal you’ll want to touch and feel this screen. See sensational contrast, stellar brightness and vivid color just as the director intended with Neo Quantum HDR+. No exaggeration: the things on screen look true enough to touch. You’ll get to absorb all the nuances of the latest Hollywood movies and the shows you love made for High Dynamic Range. And watch every moment take on new dimension with HDR10+ mapping tones and shifting color and contrast, scene by scene.*
* 50" and 43" have Neo Quantum HDR

Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling
Sit back and be mesmerized as your content is transformed to 4K. Whether you’re streaming an HD movie, watching live sports, or looking back at home videos, experience it all transformed into sharp 4K resolution with our high performance, AI powered processor that upgrades your content scene by scene. Utilizing 20 specialized networks the AI powered processor drives the intuitive Smart TV Hub, Dolby Atmos sound, and expertly upscaled 4K resolution. *
*Utilizes AI Based formulas.

Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle*
Pick a seat, any seat. There isn’t a bad one in the house thanks to Anti Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle technology. And you won’t need to draw the shades or turn off every lamp to see the picture clearly. You’ll get a consistent and detailed 8K picture at any angle, in any light with pristine color across the entire screen. Fewer reflections, fewer distractions.*
* 50" and 43" have Anti Glare with Wide Viewing Angle

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+*
Hear the spinning whirr of helicopter blades and streams of sirens speeding by with Dolby Atmos® and Object Tracking Sound+. You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action as AI Sound tracks the action on screen and sound is projected to follow the movement with pinpoint accuracy.*
* 50" and 43" have Object Tracking Sound Lite.

Samsung Gaming Hub
Widen your world of gaming instantly without a console. Gaming Hub is where gaming comes together bringing the best of console games, streaming games, and more all in one place. With easier access to your favorite games, standalone apps and accessories, start playing faster than ever. Plus, get recommendations for other games, adjust settings to optimize gameplay, and more.*
*High speed internet connection, additional gaming service subscriptions and compatible controller required.

Pantone Validated
Enjoy color validated by industry leading experts at Pantone®, so that images on the screen look as incredible as they do in real life. From every fantastic detail on your favorite reality competition to each course of drool worthy cooking shows, you’ll experience it all in a whole new way only on Samsung screens. In addition to identifying thousands of colors, these experts have also identified more than one hundred diverse skin tones, so people around the world are represented on screen the way they are truly seen off the screen.

Q Symphony 3.0 NeoSlim Design
Amp up your audio with the greatest duo of all time Samsung TVs paired with a Samsung soundbar. With Q Symphony, your TV speakers paired with Q Series and S Series soundbar operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience. It’s a completely next level experience that even works with Object Tracking Sound for an extra layer of depth.*
*Q Series and S Series soundbars sold separately.

NeoSlim Design
If you’re like us, you just can’t stand it when presentation is an afterthought. With its NeoSlim Design this TV’s ultra slim silhouette and hexagonal plate stand nails that first impression. Designed to look beautiful from all angles even when it’s off.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+(4K @120 Hz)
Why go slow when you can play smooth even during super fast gaming content. Feel the thrill with smooth performance during even the fastest games and action scenes. Keep up with the supersonic speed and catch every thrilling frame without lag or motion blur. Instead, you’ll enjoy seamless action and sensational 4K visuals at speeds up to 120Hz. Built with gamers in mind, it also offers Game Motion Plus and HDMI 2.1.*
*50" and 43" have Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro.

  • UPC CODE: 887276740782
  • TV WITHOUT STAND:37.8 x x 22 x 1.1
  • TV WITH STAND: 37.8 x 24.4 x 8.7
  • SHIPPING: 45.8 x 26.3 x 5.5
  • STAND FOOTPRINT: 20.4 x 8.6 x 8.7
  • TV WITH STAND: 29.5
  • SHIPPING: 38.6
  • VESA SUPPORT: Yes (200 x 200)