SAMSUNG QN83S90CAE 83 Inch S90C 4K UHD OLED Smart TV - QN83S90CAFXZA (2023)

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Prepare to be captivated. Whether you prefer dramatic thrillers or fantasy football, lose yourself in the viewing adventure w ith a contrast rich picture, boosted by Quantum Dots. Let your picture do the talking with the sleek and thin LaserSlim design. Yo u’ll see pure blacks, bright whites and dramatic color, while the audio pulls you into the action thanks to Dolby Atmos™® built in and Ob ject Tracking Sound Lite. The Samsung OLED experience doesn’t stop there shifting adventures is a breeze with access to the latest Smart TV apps and Samsung Gaming Hub with the SAMSUNG QN83S90CAE 83 Inch S90C 4K UHD OLED Smart TV - QN83S90CAEXZA (2023). *
*High speed internet connection, additional gaming service subscriptions and compatible controller required.

Samsung OLED Technology
It’s true Samsung made OLED better by adding QD (Quantum Dots) for the ultimate entertainment experience. Only a powerhouse brand like Samsung can deliver incredible detail and unbelievable screen brightness. Plus, pure blacks and more than a billion shades of color combined with 8.3 million self illuminating pixels (ultra fast switching tiny lights) reveals virtually limitless contrast. You’ll see your favorite movies, games and more in a whole new light thanks to the mesmerizing picture quality across a full range of gorgeous colors.

Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling
Sit back and be mesmerized as your content is transformed to 4K. Whether you’re streaming an HD movie, watching live sports, or looking back at home videos, experience it all transformed into sharp 4K resolution with our high performance, AI powered processor that upgrades your content scene by scene. Utilizing 20 specialized networks the AI powered processor drives the intuitive Smart TV Hub, Dolby Atmos™ sound, and expertly upscaled 4K resolution. *
*Utilizes AI Based formulas.

Quantum HDR OLED
Witness the difference detail can make, with fine tuned brightness and optimized contrast made possible by self illuminating pixels. Your picture is instantly adjusted as Quantum HDR OLED uses AI deep learning to analyze each scene, detecting areas that should be brighter and areas that should be darker and ensuring rich, accurate colors.

Pantone Validated ™
Enjoy color validated by industry leading experts at Pantone®, so that images on the screen look as incredible as they do in real life. From every fantastic detail on your favorite reality competition to each course of drool worthy cooking shows, you’ll experience it all in a whole new way only on Samsung screens. In addition to identifying thousands of colors, these experts have also identified more than one hundred diverse skin tones, so people around the world are represented on screen the way they are truly seen off the screen.

Dolby Atmos™ and Object Tracking Sound Lite
Keep your ears on the action with virtual top speakers that follow the story. When a dragon swoops across the screen or an argument breaks out across the aisle, Dolby Atmos™® sound reacts dynamically to deliver realistic, 3D audio thanks to Object Tracking Sound Lite.

LaserSlim Design
Let your picture do the talking with the Samsung OLED’s LaserSlim design. On or off, this sleek TV looks beautiful anywhere with a depth of only 4mm, its virtually bezel free and with your choice of a near flush fit wall mount solution or a streamlined blade stand.

Q-Symphony 3.0
Amp up your audio with the greatest duo of all time Samsung TVs paired with a Samsung soundbar. With Q Symphony, your TV speakers paired with Q Series and S Series soundbar operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience. It’s a completely next level experience that even works with Object Tracking Sound for an extra layer of depth.*
*Q Series and S Series soundbars sold separately.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro
Hold onto your seats your high speed games and movies are approaching peak performance with exceptional motion enhancements. Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro creates consistently crisp 4K visuals at blazing fast speeds up to 120hz for any content. You’ll also enjoy next gen gaming capabilities to help you get the W in any universe with USB 2.1 and Game Motion Plus that virtually eliminates lag and motion blur with up to 144hz for compatible PC connected content.

Samsung Gaming Hub
Widen your world of gaming instantly without a console. Gaming Hub is where gaming comes together bringing the best of console games, streaming games, and more all in one place. With easier access to your favorite games, standalone apps and accessories, start playing faster than ever. Plus, get recommendations for other games, adjust settings to optimize gameplay, and more.*
*High speed internet connection, additional gaming service subscriptions and compatible controller required.

SolarCell Remote
Turn up the volume on sustainability with the innovative SolarCell Remote™. Featuring a solar panel for charging and a built in microphone to use with your favorite voice assistant, this remote has all your bases covered with a range of smart features. It even has automatic detection for use with other compatible devices.

  • MODEL: QN83S90C
  • UPC CODE: 887276790497
  • TV WITHOUT STAND: 72.9 x 41.8 x 1.8
  • TV WITH STAND: 72.9 x 44.6 x 14.2
  • SHIPPING: 79.7 x 49 x 8.5
  • STAND FOOTPRINT: 14.4 x 12.8 x 14.2
  • TV WITH STAND: 89.7
  • SHIPPING: 119.9
  • VESA SUPPORT: Yes (400 x 300)