AUSTERE 3SPS4US1 lll Series Power 4-Outlet

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AUSTERE 3SPS4US1 lll Series Power 4-Outlet premium surge protection is the safeguard for your home theater electronics. Designed in the USA, Austere products naturally coexist as part of an entire home ecosystem. Always.

Not all Power is Created Equal
Surge protectors can wear out over time. Joules – the protective layer of energy that defends your components – are finite. Each time your household is hit with small electrical spikes; your surge protector sacrifices Joules to protect the connected components. Once your unit’s Joules are depleted, your system is no longer protected. The blue protection shield icon LED will cease to illuminate once the Joules have been used and it’s time to replace. Austere III Series Power features 2500 Joules and is rated to last more than five times as long as most power products. Our Component Guarantee assures your devices are protected for up to four years.

Picture Perfect Audio/Video
PureFiltration acts like a protective force field to prevent external EMI/RFI disturbances from degrading your sensitive electronics and home theater experience. EMI - or Electromagnetic Interference - occurs when devices are near one another. Frequent exposure to EMI disturbances will harm your premium electronics and impede performance, especially TVs and Audio equipment. Austere III Series Power has PureFiltration Type I: Primary EMI/RFI filtration to minimize the effects of electrical line noise.

Fire & Power Spike Safety
Austere surge protection regulates the power coming from the outside powerline to ensure devices do not burn out from a high voltage spike that can be harmful to your equipment. Flameless MOV Protection gives you peace of mind that powerful surges will not result in a dangerous fire. OverCurrent Protection ensures that our thermal protected power circuit cannot exceed 18 amps, which could cause devices to short circuit or create dangerous temperatures that may lead to a fire.

Rapid Charge
There are two OmniPort USB rapid charging ports: 1 USB-C, and 1 USB-A with 2.4 shared amps of charging power all while protecting your low voltage devices. Our smart ports are designed to minimize charging time for your electronics such as cellphones and any handheld device that charges via USB.

aDesign Philosophy
At Austere we not only believe in the details; we obsess over them. Austere III Series 4-Outlet Power delivers superior protection in a compact enclosure with a linear pattern finish and piano-black polished edge. Our ultra-wide SmartFit outlets provide extra room to accommodate the bulkiest plugs. Austere Power sits flush with the wall and fits discreetly in the tightest of spaces near furniture or behind a wall-mounted TV. The wall-mountable design allows Austere Power to be attached to the outlet and comes with an optional security screw.

Austere’s Guarantee
We stand behind our products and protect the devices that are plugged into Austere Power in two ways: Our Lifetime Guarantee – ensures your satisfaction with performance and protection. Our Component Guarantee - promises that if Austere Power is responsible for any damage to a plugged-in device, Austere will replace that device regardless of its value for up to 4-years.