NEST H1500ES Secure Home Security & Alarm System Starter Pack (Guard, Detect Sensors, and Tags)

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Arm and disarm however you like, use the Nest app, tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard, or enter a passcode. Or just say, "Hey Google, set security to Away," and the built-in Google Assistant will arm for you.​
Open quietly, press the button on Nest Detect to open a door without setting off the alarm, the house stays armed and the alarm stays quiet
Get remind me alerts, if you forget to arm your alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert on your phone
Easy for everyone, tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm and disarm, without a passcode, put 1 on your keychain and give 1 to someone you trust
Know what’s happening at home, with the free Nest app, you can arm and disarm from anywhere, check in on your home anytime and if the alarm goes off, you'll get a security alert; Arm and disarm however you like; Easy installation; Just ask Google with built-in Google assisitant

  • Assistant Support: Google Assistant
  • Components: Motion Sensor, Siren
  • Connectivity: Broadband, Cellular
  • Protection Area: Door, Window
  • Surveillance Type: Auditory, Visual
  • Use: Residential