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The award-winning Video & Audio Center has been introducing new technologies since its inception in 1981. We are proud to have received many awards and accolades from some of the most respected organizations, manufacturers and trade magazines in the industry.

November 15, 2022
Consumer Technology Hall of Fame Honorees Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad
The Hall of Fame celebrates the rich history of the consumer technology industry by honoring the leaders who have made it all possible. Each year, nominations are submitted by manufacturers, retailers and journalists. Nominations are carefully evaluated to determine the merits of each relative to CTA standards of excellence. Those inducted........ (read more)

May 16, 2022
2022 #1 in California and #5 in the USA in CEPro's 100 Top Custom Retailers
The CE Pro 100 list itself, now in its 23rd year, is also unique and constantly evolving. For many years, the qualifying revenues were solely based on income derived during the installation process of various subsystems. Starting two........(read more)

September 16, 2021
Video & Audio Center Recognized By City Of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Mayor and City Council honor retailer's dedication to serving the residents of the City of Los Angeles. Video & Audio Center received special recognition from the City of Los Angeles signed by the Mayor and the entire City Council honoring the retailer’s 41st anniversary. It states........ (read more)

September 12, 2021
CITY OF LOS ANGELES awards Certificate of Recognition to Video & Audio Center on its 41st Anniversary
Video & Audio Center just received special recognition from the City of Los Angeles signed by the Mayor and the entire City Council. It states on behalf of the City of Los Angeles, we would like to congratulate........ (read more)

MAY 5, 2021
RETAIL ON THE RUN: A Store Visit with Joseph Akhtarzad, Owner, Video & Audio Center
This is our 40th anniversary year – we've been around since 1981, which is also the year I came to the U.S. to join my brother, Mayer, who already had a store selling video games and renting out movies.... (read more)

March 23, 2021
Just One Touch / Video & Audio Center HYBRID HERO
Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center uses marketing and instinctual ingenuity to master the elusive formula of combining CE retail with custom installation... (read more)


JUNE 8, 2020
How L.A. Integrator Sold 7 Samsung Terrace Outdoor TVs in First Week
It didn’t take long for Samsung’s new entry into the outdoor TV market to make an impact at Video & Audio Center/Just One Touch in Santa Monica, Calif. “We sold seven in the first week,” reports Tom Campbell, corporate director/chief technologist at Video & Center/Just One Touch. The CE Pro 100 integration company used both email and radio advertisements to promote the outdoor lifestyle, which is becoming much more important during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic... (read more)


MAY 27, 2020
Video & Audio Center named #1 in CA
One of the industry’s top Consumer Electronics publication, TWICE MAGAZINE, just named Video & Audio Center #1 in California and #3 Nationwide in Total Electronics-Only Stores in its 2020 Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retailers Report. Apple was first in the nation, followed by Bose and Video & Audio Center came in 3rd... (Listen here)


FEBRUARY 4, 2020
Superbowl Party Results in Super Samsung 8K TV Sales
The Super Bowl turned out to be a super 8K sales event for Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based CE Pro 100 integration company held its annual “Big Game Event” on Sunday, inviting 400 special invitation guests to an exclusive Super Bowl party at the Bel Air Crest Community Center... (read more)


FEBRUARY 3, 2020
Video and Audio Center's 'Big Game' Event Scores 8K Sales
The Southern California-based experiential CE retailer Video and Audio Center drew an overflow crowd of 400 of its Bel Air/Beverly Hills area football fan clients to an invitation-only "Big Game" watching event Sunday, Feb. 2, at the Bel Air Crest Community Center to view ... (read more)


High Touch Retailing at its Best
As the chief technologist and corporate director for California-based experiential retailer Video & Audio Center, Dealerscope 2020 Hall of Fame honoree Tom Campbell occupies a unique and distinguished position as an influencer and trend-shaper in the consumer technology world ... (read more)


JANUARY 3, 2020
SoCal Integrator Showcases Newly Added Bowers & Wilkins Line
How do you showcase a new line of products that you have recently added to your mix? At Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center in Southern California, the company is launching its new relationship with Bowers & Wilkins with a bang by showcasing the products in its special Galleria satellite location at the Westfield Century City Mall... (read more)


DECEMBER 3, 2019
Headphones are key for Southern California-based A/V Specialty Retailer Video and Audio Center
Headphones in all their formats are perennial best-sellers for the holidays - and in fact, all year round. But what types are really making ears by the thousands perk up and pay attention, heading into 2020? (Read More on Page 35-37)


OCTOBER 8, 2019
First US Residential Install of Samsung "The Wall" Completed
The first U.S. residential installation of the new Samsung “The Wall Professional” is complete. The 146-inch MicroLED screen was installed by CE Pro 100 integration company Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center for a client in Southern California. ... (read more)


OCTOBER 4, 2019
Video & Audio Center Handles First-Ever Install of Samsung $350K "The Wall" TV System
A month-long retail celebration of Samsung CE and appliance technologies – the Samsung Technology Showcase Open House - has launched in the five stores that constitute Southern California's experiential retail operation Video and Audio Center, with the sale and installation... (read more)


APRIL, 2019
High Definition Redefined
More than 200 invited guests at "High Definition Redefined" got the chance to preview Samsung's latest Samsung 8K TVs, ranging in size from 65 inches to 98 inches. The new TV sets have built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing... (read more)


APRIL, 2019
Integrator sells 14 Samsung 8K TVs in 3-Hour Private Event
The CE Pro 100 integrator Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center in Los Angeles recently held an invitation-only exclusive event for its elite clientele at its Westfield Century City mall store location. The 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. gathering, dubbed the Samsung 8K QLED Showcase... (read more)


APRIL, 2019
Video & Audio Center Redefines Hi-Def, with 8K Samsung Event
An evening reception and marquee technology event at Southern California-based experiential retailer Video and Audio Center's Westfield Century City location April 17 –Samsung's 8K QLED Showcase, which was billed by the retailer as 'High Definition Redefined" – drew 200 clients... (read more)


FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Samsung 8K TVs Highlight Elite Clientele Super Bowl Watch Party

L.A.-area Just One Touch hosts 400 guests in swanky Bel Air for 8K Super Bowl watch party with 5 Samsung 8K TVs.

For the 400 Los Angeles-area elite attendees at the Just One Touch / Video & Audio Center "Big Game 8K Watch Party" on Super Bowl Sunday, everything was fantastic… except for the outcome of the game. But despite the 13-3 lackluster victory by the New England Patriots over the local favorite Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl, Just One Touch's Tom Campbell, corporate director/chief technologist, declared the event as "one of the best ever" the integrator has held. (read more)

NOVEMBER 27, 2018
How L.A. Integrator Spiked its Black Friday Sales by 37%

Just One Touch/ Video & Audio Center focuses on upper-tier products combined with $500 custom installation credit to have record-breaking Black Friday weekend sales.

Now this is how a custom integration company can take advantage of Black Friday! CE Pro 100 integrator Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center in Los Angeles reports record-breaking sales for Black Friday weekend by focusing on high-end products, led by Sony, Samsung and LG 4K TVs, Sonos soundbars, Amazon and Google smart speakers with voice control, headphones and, most importantly, attached custom installation. (read more)

NOVEMBER 26, 2018
Was 2018 The End Of Black Friday
As We Know It?

November-wide promotions, staggered Thanksgiving week sales, and a wide selection of compelling online offers may have contributed to a more muted Black Friday in stores.Results appeared to vary widely by retailer and region the day after Thanksgiving. But both analytic and anecdotal reports suggest that while some brick-and-mortar merchants won the battle, physical stores may be losing the Black Friday war. (read more)

Focus on Mid- and Upper-Tier Products Makes for A Black Friday Bonanza at Video & Audio Center
Southern California-based experiential retailer Video & Audio Center reports that it broke its own 36-year record for sales during the period encompassing both Black Friday and the immediate run-up to what has become the nation's business pre-holiday selling period. Upper-high-end 4K Ultra HDTVs, smart speakers with voice assistant capabilities, headphones and top-tier sound bars were some of the sales "stars," reported the store's co-owner, Joseph Akhtarzad. "It was the best Black Friday week in our company's history – sales were up 37 percent Wednesday through Friday – totally beyond expectations," he said. "This will be a 4K holiday." (read more)


OCTOBER 29, 2018
How to Sell $284,981 Worth of 8K TVs in 4 Hours
For any integrator who doesn't believe he can sell 8K TVs yet, the folks at CE Pro 100 integrator Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center in Southern California just proved you wrong. Last Friday, the company held an invitation-only four-hour evening event dubbed the "Exclusive Introduction & Sale of the First Samsung 8K TVs" at its Westfield Century City Mall showcase store location. At the end of the night, Just One Touch had completed 14 pre-sales and five new sales of the new 85-inch Samsung QN85Q900R QLED UltraHD displays. Each of the new 8K TVs retails for $14,999. That equates to a cool $284,281 in sales. Not bad for one night's work. (read more)

OCTOBER 29, 2018
Video & Audio Center Helps Kick Off 8K TV
Los Angeles' Video & Audio Center (VAC) was among the first handful of retailers to get their hands on Samsung's new 85-inch 8K QLED TV. The Q900R, unveiled last August at IFA 2018, is the tip of the spear for the new generation of 8K displays, which have four times the resolution of 4K sets and are 16 times sharper than 1080p TVs. (read more)

Video and Audio Center
Sells First Samsung 8K TVs

Southern California-based specialty retailer Video and Audio Center held an exclusive consumer sales event at its marquee Westfield Century City open-air mall store in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 26, hosting the U.S. retail debut of Samsung's 85-inch QLED 8K Ultra HD Model QN85Q900R. "The event was a smashing success – beyond expectations," Tom Campbell, the retailer's corporate director and chief technologist, told Dealerscope. (read more)


How To Earn $43 M in Custom Installation
Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center showcases the various ways it can incorporate home technology options in every corner of its new high-end Los Angelesmall location.(read more)

Resilient retailers — Local independent
stores maintain their role in Amazon era!

He was shopping for a TV set. She was looking for a Sonos system and asked him – a total stranger – if he knew anything about the product.
From that random connection at the Video & Audio Center in Santa Monica, California, emerged a fairy tale worthy of its Hollywood neighbor..(read more)

MAY, 2018
CEPro's ''Top 100'' for 2018 Report is Released: Video & Audio Center #1 in California for the 18th Year in a Row!
CE Pro's 19th annual ranking of the highest revenue custom installation
companies reports $3.5 billion in custom revenues; 13%
growth predicted for 2018..(read more)

APRIL, 2018
Video & Audio Center
Cited by Los Angeles' Mayor

Southern California retailer Video & Audio Center, which recently expanded its regional footprint in the area with the opening in January of its latest location—a uniquely appointed interactive store (and its flagship) in the Westfield Century City open-air mall—has received a citation from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for its role in the community. (read more)

MARCH, 2018
Video & Audio Center's 'Open
Mall' Interactive Store, Up Close

Southern California-based retailer Video & Audio Center cut the ribbon Jan. 25 on its new flagship showcase interactive store, bringing experiential consumer technology and connectivity retailing to the tony environs of the $1.4 billion Westfield Century City Open Mall in Los Angeles. Situated next to an Apple Store, the new location, a move from the retailer's previous spot within the complex, was built from the ground up over a four-month period. (read more)

JANUARY 29, 2018
Inside Video & Audio Center's New Bleeding-Edge Super Store
How can a CE-centric brick-and-mortar retailer compete in an e-commerce world? How about in a high-end mall a few doors away from a flagship Apple Store, and an Amazon Bookstore right down the hallway with its full range of voice-control products in the window? Oh, and add a Microsoft Store and Tesla showroom also down the hall. One answer was proffered last week at the grand opening of Video & Audio Center's (VAC) latest super store. (read more)

JANUARY 28, 2018
'Open Mall' Store Debuts
Southern California-based retailer Video & Audio Center cut the ribbon Jan. 25 on its new flagship showcase interactive store, bringing experiential consumer technology and connectivity retailing to the tony environs of the $1.4 billion Westfield Century City Open Mall in Los Angeles. Situated next to an Apple Store, the new location, a move from the retailer's previous spot within the complex, was built from the ground up over a four-month period. (read more)

JANUARY 25, 2018
Video and Audio Center Flagship Store Opening, January 25, 2018

CENTURY CITY — Video and Audio Center held a gala opening party Jan. 25 for its new flagship showcase store in the Westfield Century City mall, which recently underwent a $1.4 billion makeover. Video and Audio Center has been introducing new technologies for more than 34 years, and its new store. (read more)



JANUARY 11, 2018
I just bought a 4K TV.

Don't tell me 8K is coming!

LAS VEGAS — The unveiling of bigger and better televisions here at the CES show is a given, but this is getting ridiculous.Several major TV makers showed off huge 80-plus inch TVs, many of them capable of displaying 8K resolution, which promises even more pristine, vivid video quality — four times the resolution of today's spiffy 4K TVs, themselves already a four-fold improvement over traditional HDTVs. (read more)



NOVEMBER 6, 2017
Video & Audio Center's
LG Pop-Up Store Scores Sales

Southern California experiential consumer technology retailer Video & Audio Center hosted an LG OLED Cinema House pop-up store over the Oct. 28 weekend outside its South Bay Torrance, Calif. store. LG's latest 4K OLED TVs were showcased, and the retailer sold eight OLED sets in the first hour – including a $10,000 LG set.(read more)

NOVEMBER 6, 2017
2017 Retail LG Pop-Up Demo Drives OLED Sales For Video & Audio Center
Video & Audio Center (VAC), the four-store Los Angeles specialty chain, got a boost to its TV business – and bottom line – this past weekend after LG Electronics set up a Cinema House pop-up demo outside its South Bay Torrance showroom.(read more)

AUGUST 31, 2017
Video & Audio Center Breaks Ground on Westfield Century City Tech Showcase Store
Southern California-based consumer technology retailer Video & Audio Center has broken ground on its newest location – a "technology showcase" store that will be part of Los Angeles' Westfield Century City mall – a two-story outdoor retail center which is currently in the final phases of a $1.4 billion makeover. (read more)

AUGUST 31, 2017
Video & Audio Center Aims To Redefine Technology Retailing
For decades, the Westside of Los Angeles was the epicenter of American entertainment as the home of 20th Century Fox studios. This fall it will offer a glimpse into the future of American consumer technology retailing.Video & Audio Center, the high-end technology showcase chain, based in Southern California... (read more)

JULY 7, 2017
Samsung, Fox Partner With Video & Audio Center to Promote 4K TV That Doubles as Art
Samsung and Fox have partnered with Video & Audio Center for the continuing introduction and sale of The Frame, a 4K TV that doubles as wall art when consumers aren't watching it. (read more)


JULY 7, 2017
Samsung Frame TV Given Its Close-Up At Video & Audio Center
Samsung formally showcased its Frame 4K HDR TV at Southern California A/V specialist Video & Audio Center (VAC), teaming with 20th Century Fox Entertainment to showcase select 4K HDR scenes from Fox's latest releases during a special four-day sales introduction that kicks off today(read more)

JULY 6, 2017
Samsung Showcases 'The Frame' 4K TV at Video & Audio Center
Samsung is partnering with California-based retailer Video & Audio Center for the continuing introduction and showcasing of 'The Frame,' its 65- and 55-inch TV that doubles as wall art, transforming into a gallery-like display of the owner's favorite art and photos. The store, which vendors select with some regularity to present their latest technologies... (read more)


JUNE 28, 2017
LG's 77-inch 'Wallpaper' OLED To Hang
At Video & Audio Center Today

LG's widely lauded 77-inch W-series Signature OLED TV, which was a CES standout in January, will finally wend its way to retail today. (read more)

JUNE 28, 2017
LG Launches 77-Inch SIGNATURE OLED TV W at Video and Audio Center
A highly anticipated addition to LG Electronics' SIGNATURE OLED TV W line gets its official U.S. launch today at Video and Audio Center in Los Angeles. LG announced that its 77-inch class "wallpaper" TV—the most awarded TV at CES 2017—is now available to consumers through retail for $19,999. (read more)


JUNE 28, 2017
New $20,000 77-inch LG OLED TV
hangs like a picture on the wall

The latest OLED TV from LG Electronics takes TV envy to an entirely new dimension. Priced just under $20,000 -- at $19,999 -- the 77-inch Signature display is a "wallpaper" TV that hyperrealistically hugs the wall, hence its described "picture-on-wall" design. At less than one-fifth of an inch thick, the semi-flexible screen attaches to the wall with a hook, like a painting. Magnetic strips on each of the four corners hold it flush against the wall. (read more)


APRIL 26, 2017
How L.A. Integrator Sold 7 Samsung Terrace Outdoor TVs in First Week

Where's the speaker? That might be the question integrators hear from clients when they show off the new Sony "speakerless TV," otherwise known as the Bravia OLED 4K TV with Acoustic Surface Technology in which the sound emanates directly from the entire screen itself. While Sony first showed the product at CES 2017 in January, it is not coincidental that Sony President and COO Mike Fasulo unveiled the product for sale at Los Angeles-area custom integrator Just One Touch / Video & Audio Center, a CE Pro 100 company. (read more)


APRIL 26, 2017
Sony set to market
an all-in-one OLED 4K TV

Here's a 4K TV that will likely speak to minimalists -- and interior decorators. Sony's first OLED 4K Ultra HD TVs begin hitting the market this week and the displays have a cool-sounding feature: audio comes from the super-thin screen. (read more)


April 22, 2017
Video & Audio Center to Host Sony OLED Retail Kickoff
Southern California technology retailer Video & Audio Center on Thursday will host Sony Electronics' executives, factory reps and engineers for the introduction and sale to consumers of the Sony's first OLED TVs. (read more)


April 20, 2017
Sony Will Offer Its 1st OLED Bravia TV
At Video & Audio Center

Sony will bring its groundbreaking OLED A1E Bravia TV with Acoustic Surface technology to retail next week with a kick-off event at Los Angeles-based premium independent retailer Video & Audio Center (VAC)...(read more)

March 17, 2017
SoCal's Video & Audio Center Premieres Samsung QLED TVs
Samsung Electronics on Thursday rolled out the first models for sale of its new premium QLED TV lineup, at a consumer event at Southern California's Video & Audio Center/Westfield Topanga location that drew an estimated 500 (read more)


March 17, 2017
Samsung QLED Gets Strong
Start At Retail Premiere Event

Samsung's new QLED TVs and its latest Ultra HD Blu-ray player hit retail shelves this week, starting with a world premiere event at Los Angeles-based Video & Audio Center's (VAC) store at the Topanga Village Mall in Woodland Hills, Calif.....(read more)

March 15, 2017
Samsung QLEDs Hit Retail;
Launch Event Set At VAC

Two months after their CES debut, Samsung Electronics' full suite of QLED TVs and A/V add-ons are hitting retail sales floors nationwide. And keeping in step with past 4K rollouts, the company will hold a QLED kickoff event tomorrow at Los Angeles' Video & Audio Center (VAC) specialty chain....(read more)

January 7, 2017
Alexa is coming to many more devices this year
LAS VEGAS—Bark out "Alexa" in the congested halls of CES, and you would have heard a chorus of devices, from cars to smartphones to household appliances, answer back.(read more)