SAMSUNG QN85QN900DF 85 Inch Neo 8K UHD QLED Smart TV - QN85QN900DFXZA (2024)

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Our flagship SAMSUNG QN85QN900DF 85 Inch Neo 8K UHD QLED Smart TV - QN85QN900DFXZA (2024) features our highest resolution, slimmest profile and most mind blowing sound. Incredibly clear motion and a pow erful processor make this TV stand out from the rest for a brighter, fuller viewing experience.

Infinity Air Design
See more of the screen and less of the borders with an almost invisible profile. The image reaches all edges of your TV, giving you a more expansive view for all your movies, shows and content.

Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro
Take in our best 8K quality picture with a huge range of contrast and color. Brighter brights, darker darks bring you an unbelievable picture so clear, you can see every pixel.

Real 8K Resolution With AI Upscaling Pro
See our clearest picture with our best 8K resolution. It instantly improves as you watch for 4x higher resolution than 4K for everything from games to movies, all thanks to 512 AI neural networks that help update each scene.*
*Utilizes AI based formulas to upscale to 8K resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.

Dolby Atmos ™ and Object Tracking Sound Pro
Don't just hear the action feel it with our best TV audio and built in Dolby Atmos® sound. Dramatic 3D audio fills the room as AI Sound tracks the action on screen with pinpoint accuracy, so you can keep up with every piece of dialogue or background noise.

Real Depth Enhancer Pro
Experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life. Real Depth Enhancer Pro finds the focal point in each frame and adjusts for a fully dimensional picture. It brings out the images in the foreground to better mirror real life.

NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor
See our clearest detail, stunning depth, shading and textures that results in a better than the theater experience. Behind the scenes, the crazy high performance processor automatically transforms your content up to 8K, in addition to enhancing your audio and total TV performance. When every detail matters, it’s worth seeing in 8K.

Quantum Matrix Pro with Mini LEDS
Discover details you’ve been missing even in dark and light scenes. It has 1.5x more lighting zones than normal Quantum Matrix technology for even greater detail and backlight dimming for better brightness.

Motion Xcelerator 240Hz*
Play games and content with amazingly smooth motion and virtually no lag or blur. Get uninterrupted action with crisp visuals rendered at blazing fast speeds up to 240 frames per second for any content.*
*240Hz is limited to 4K resolution and requires compatible content connection from compatible PCs. Motion Xcelerator 240Hz is sometimes called Motion Xcelerator Turbo 8K Pro.

Auto HDR Remastering
Elevate your viewing experience with our best 4K color and contrast. AI based algorithms help create brighter highlights and details.