SONY SRSULT1000 ULT TOWER 10 Party Speaker - Black

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The power of live-venue sound in your home
Turn your home into party central with massive bass, 360° Party Sound, 360° Party Light and karaoke, thanks to a supplied wireless microphone. You can even connect the speaker to your TV to boost the sound of the things you love to watch.

Massive bass. Ultimate vibe.
Dive into the front row of a concert with the ULT POWER SOUND series. Built for music lovers, it produces powerful deep sound designed to make your heart tremble. Prepare to feel the bass.

Power your favorite music.
Enhance all your low-end frequencies for exceptional bass. Enjoy two different types of bass-emphasised sound. Powerful bass to feel the beat and get you dancing. Deep bass boost for low-frequency sound that will make your heart tremble. Its combination of powerful sound and a 360° Party Light will have you feeling like you’ve brought the concert venue home.

Hit the button. Feel the bass.
Press the ULT button to enjoy two different sound modes, select ULT1 for deeper, lower frequency bass, ULT2 for powerful, punchy bass.

Powerful sound everywhere
360° party sound carries powerful sound to every corner of the room. Four tweeters deliver clear sound to both the front and rear of the speaker, with two mid-range speakers for vocal clarity. The large X-Balanced Speaker Unit power the bass sound. These features work in tandem to deliver an unmatched audio experience to everyone, wherever they are.

Powerful sound with X-Balanced Speaker Unit
Our X-Balanced Speaker Unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm, for an increased surface area compared to conventional speaker units. The approx. 320 mm x 320 mm large woofer unit gives clear and deep bass sound.

A richer, clearer, deeper experience
The non-circular diaphragm not only maximizes the area of speaker, but also increases sound pressure for deeper, punchier bass, less distortion and greater vocal clarity. All designed to elevate your listening experience.

Sound Field Optimization
By detecting local noise in the environment, the speaker adjusts the sound setting in between tracks to deliver clear music even when you are surrounded by other sounds.

7-band equalizer:
Select your favorite sound setting with the Sony | Music Center app and hear your music exactly as you like it.

Bring that festival feeling with 360° Party Light
With its vibrant lighting, the ULT TOWER 10 brightens up every corner of your party. It even synchronizes with the music to create a true festival feeling.

Get your karaoke on
Belt out your favourite tunes, thanks to the included wireless microphone, and enjoy complete control of your sound, with Echo and Key Controls on the top panel. You can plug in another microphone for a duet or a guitar to play along using the ULT TOWER 10 as an amp.

Wireless microphone
The Sony original wireless mic is included, so you're ready for all the fun of karaoke right out of the box.

Complete karaoke control
By using the Echo and Key Controls functions on the top panel, how you sound is up to you. You'll also find a wired input for a second microphone or guitar, to use the ULT TOWER 10 as an amp.

Enjoy karaoke with the Fiestable app
Control the echo, key, and volume functions from Fiestable app. You can even turn on vocal canceling, to give your own voice to your favorite playlists.

TV Sound Booster
Sony's unique function, TV Sound Booster, lets you enjoy enhanced audio-visual sound, watching everything from live performance videos to movies.1 With deep bass and realistic high-frequency sound spread, you get a true audio-visual experience that draws you right into the action. The ULT TOWER 10 ramps up your TV sound with the X-Balanced Speaker Unit, while tweeters on the rear help fill the room with pure sound.

How it works
A powerful combination of TV sound, the ULT TOWER 10’s two rear tweeters, and the X-Balanced Speaker Unit gives you an upgrade on your TV sound, whatever you watch.

Big sound on the move
Grab the handle, tilt the speaker back, and wheel it anywhere you like. Its sturdy, large wheels ensure smooth transportation straight to the party.

Splash-resistant top panel
Don’t worry about spilling any liquid on the top panel, it’s splashproof, so your music will keep on playing.

Music that really gets you moving with Party Connect
Link up to 100 compatible speakers to synchronize music and lighting through Party Connect – fill any location with powerful sound to create the ultimate party atmosphere.

Add an extra speaker for rich stereo sound
Connect two ULT TOWER 10 speakers via Bluetooth® to activate stereo sound (left and right), to experience a rich sense of presence.

USB Play, and charge devices
Plug in and play music with USB connectivity, and you can use the ULT TOWER 10 to charge up your other devices.

Sony | Music Center
Optimise audio settings, select playlists, and control Party Connect. Manage your devices right from your phone with the Sony | Music Center app.

Bluetooth® Fast Pair and Multipoint connection
With one tap, enable quick, effortless Bluetooth pairing with your Android devices. For total convenience, pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time to switch instantly between different music sources.

Aiming for a zero environmental footprint
We aim for zero environmental footprint. Inspired by the beauty of the world, we are doing our part to help preserve the Earth while still offering superior sound quality and listening experience. With a goal of achieving a zero environmental footprint across the entire Sony Group by the year 2050, we are accelerating numerous environmental initiatives.

Sustainability in mind
Our products are designed not only to pursue sound quality, but also to consider the environment. The recycled plastic originally developed for Sony is partially used for the body of the ULT TOWER 10. This reflects how we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We believe technology should make the world more interactive, more creative, more entertaining, and more inclusive. By incorporating human-centric, inclusive design into our audio products, we deliver our KANDO experience to all users, regardless of age, ability or environment.

  • Speaker type: Woofer/Mid(L/R)/Tweeter(L/R)
  • Speaker Size: Approx. 320-320 mm
  • Communication System: Ver.5.2
  • Compatible Profiles: Interface(A2DP): Yes
  • Supported Codecs: Supported Audio Format(s)(SBC): Yes
  • Frequency Transmission Range: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz(44.1 kHz sampling)
  • Input and Output Terminals
  • Stereo Mini Jack(IN): Yes, USB A: Yes, Optical Digital Input: Yes
General Features
  • Power Consumption: Approx. 139 W
  • Water Protection: Splashproof (top surface)
  • Power Supply: AC
Eco and energy saving
  • Power Consumption (Standby Mode): 2 W or less
  • COMPATIBLE SMARTPHONE APPS: Sony Music Center/Fiestable
Size & Weight
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 418 mm x 1106 mm x 428 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 29 kg
What's In The Box
  • SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: Optical Cable, AC Power Cord, Wireless Microphone